Family Continuity Planning

Statistics show less than 23% of family-owned businesses survive to be run by the second generation, and less than 10% will be run by the third generation. Family Continuity Planning addresses the organizational, operational, and financial implications of taking business ownership to a new generation of family members. Specially designed for 2nd generation business owners to learn how to be more pro-active in the continuity planning process.


  • Grow your business
  • Minimize your taxes
  • Preserve your family legacy

Business Counseling

Are you looking to grow? Do you know what happens if you or your partner dies or becomes disabled? Legal threats to business happen every day. We make sure you have Confidence & Clarity in every decision you make to your profits.

Tax Consulting

Do you know how to effectively navigate business, income, and estate tax laws? Almost every business and financial decision effects your tax liability. We work with your CPA and financial advisor to create strategies to save you taxes.

Estate Planning

As a business executive, you spend your days focused on the growth, protection, and success of your business.  Have you recently reviewed your estate plan? With proper planning, you can reduce taxes, eliminate probate, and maximize your personal estate.