7 Reasons Why Uber Crushes the QLine 

I recently had the inauspicious occasion to ride the QLine from Campus Martius to a conference at the Charles A. Wright Museum.  To say the least, it was not a great experience.

This experience exemplified all the reasons why Uber is better than the QLine:

  1. Uber is on time. The QLine website stated it would be here in five minutes so I went down to the Campus Martius stop.  There, the sign said it would be there in one minute.  The ultimate arrival time was ten minutes later.
  2. An Uber driver actually drives when the traffic light turns green. On at least three occasions, the QLine was at a green light and did not go.  Why you ask? I have no idea.
  3. It took 20 minutes to go 2.6 miles from Campus Martius to the DIA. By car, it would be 10 minutes. Max.  Considering both ways, you save a minimum of 20 minutes with Uber.
  4. With Uber, you can wait inside out of the cold and rain. With the QLine, just the opposite (even if there is a covered bench).
  5. If you want to have a phone call, it’s a lot more private in an Uber than surrounded by all the people on the QLine.
  6. Uber gives door to door service, while I had to walk a quarter of a mile from the Warren stop to the Charles Wright Museum.
  7. And my favorite,  an Uber car will go through a yellow light.  The QLine stops at an intersection while the light is still green and before it even turns yellow.

Now, some may argue Uber is way more expensive.  The QLine was $1.50 round-trip, while Uber would have cost $11.50 round trip.  Even though Uber is $10.00 more, you would save a half hour of travel time.  And for those of us who are in the service industry, that’s additional billing time you can use to earn more money.
So, for these reasons, you will more likely find me using Uber than the QLine.  I say this with a tinge of sadness because I am a strong proponent of Detroit’s re-birth and revitalization and want to help in any way I can.   But, there is still no substitute for the greater convenience and efficiency of Uber when compared to the QLine.
What’s been your experience with the QLine?  Do you prefer Uber or the QLine?  Drop me a line at [email protected] or call 248-455-6500.

Photo Credit: Photo by Travis Estell on Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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