Business Owners: 11 Reasons Why Life Insurance Doesn’t Suck

  1. You have a key employee that dies and you need to find a replacement in a hurry. There will inevitably be ramp up time and extra costs in getting him acclimated. And, you might have to overpay because you need an employee in a hurry. Life insurance on your deceased key employee will help defray that expense of the new hire. [spacer height=”20px”]
  2. It can reimburse you for money you paid out in a non-qualified deferred compensation plan to a key employee.[spacer height=”20px”]
  3. It can redeem stock of a deceased shareholder, so you avoid creating a large liability on the books of a corporation.[spacer height=”20px”]
  4. A shareholder buys the shares of a deceased shareholder (instead of the corporation) so the buyer gets a step up in basis, and reduce capital gains tax on a future sale of stock.[spacer height=”20px”]
  5. You need to keep a key employee. A life insurance policy can build up a cash benefit for him when he retires, and also pay a benefit to his spouses when he passes away.[spacer height=”20px”]
  6. You maxed out your 401(k) contributions, and this is another way to get tax-deferred growth on your assets.[spacer height=”20px”]
  7. You are in a second marriage and you want to make sure your business goes to your children, but you have to provide for your spouse. A life insurance policy will pay your spouse while you can then leave the business to your kids.[spacer height=”20px”]
  8. It keeps you competitive in market where your competitors are offering life insurance to their key employees.[spacer height=”20px”]
  9. It can be used as collateral for bank or other loans, and equity investments.[spacer height=”20px”]
  10. If you have a cash policy, it can help tide you over during lean times, such as late paying clients, loss of a key client, even paying for equipment upgrades without taking out bank financing.[spacer height=”20px”]
  11. It uses a cash-value, so you don’t have to worry about a loan qualification, credit scores or paying bank interest rates. This is especially important in risky industries where interest rates on loans can be very high.

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