5 Podcasts to Expand Your Business and Your Mind

Some of you may be driving for the holidays so I thought I’d share some of my favorite podcasts with you.
You already know I like to read (check out my latest book reviews here), but I’ve been driving a lot lately so I recently decided to explore podcasts as a new learning tool.
Before I give you my list let me say that I have a few qualifiers for the podcasts I listen to:

  • Less than thirty minutes: Because my drive times are usually short.  Anything longer would take me days to get through.
  • Interview-style podcasts:  A great interviewer asks deep, probing questions, which elicit great responses we can all learn from.
  • Continuously produced: That way I don’t get hooked on a podcast only to find out they don’t produce any more episodes.

Here are the five podcasts I’m enjoying right now:
They fall into the same genre as the books I read: leadership, creativity, marketing, and business growth.

  1. HBR Podcast.  This one shouldn’t come as a surprise.  The Harvard Business Review podcast is one of the best known podcasts and it lives up to the hype.  What I really enjoy are the diversity of topics and guests.  For those of you who don’t want to pay for the Harvard Business Review, this is a great alternative.
  2. The Accidental Creative.  Topics commonly discussed include how to enhance creativity in your business (even in the service industry), how to get out of the doldrums when something’s holding you back, and how creativity can play a role in the growth and development of you and your business.  Some podcast are as short as 15 minutes so these are great for local drives.
  3. The Brainfluence Podcast.  This podcast focuses on the neuroscience, cognitive behavior, and behavioral psychology as it pertains to marketing, employee engagement and performance, and creativity and curiosity.  I love the topic and the guests.
  4. Coaching for Leaders.  This is the best podcasts on leadership development, how to be a better manager, how to mentor employees, and how to be an effective executive.  The host and guests are super and if you only listen to one podcast to improve your executive presence and executive skills, this would be it.
  5. The Hidden Brain and You Are Not So Smart. I threw in an extra podcast in there. These are great podcasts because they focus on topics completely unrelated to the business and what I normally read.  It’s a chance for me to expand my brain, think a little bit differently, and learn about issues people are dealing with every day.  These podcast tell great stories in a very entertaining way.

I totally nerd out while listening to podcasts in my car.  I have a dictaphone by my side and when I hear an interesting quote or thought, I pause the podcast and dictate it.  Then, I have my notes transcribed and I review them and do more deep-thinking.  It’s so hard to learn and retain everything you hear in a podcast, that I have found this is the only way for to truly digest, retain, and use the information.
I’m always looking for a new and interesting podcasts.
What are you listening to? 
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